Junseok Hwang
 Ph.D., Information Science and Telecommunications, University of Pittsburgh

Network Economics
Next Generation Internet
Network Convergence Theory
Social Effect of Network Technologies

Tai-Yoo Kim
 Ph.D., Economics, Colorado School of Mines

Industry technology policy
Science technology policy
Resource Economics
Energy policy

Jongsu Lee
 Ph.D., Engineering, Seoul National University

Consumer Preference Analysis on New Products
Demand Forecasting of New Products
Discrete Choice Analysis
Evaluation of Market Structure and Market Regulation

Jorn Altmann
 Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Internet Service Provider Interconnection
Grid Economics
Pricing and Charging Systems of Computer Networks
Internet Economics
Network Management
Peer-to-Peer Systems
Identity Management Systems
Trust and Risk Management
Social Network Systems

Jeong-Dong Lee
 Ph.D., Engineering, Seoul National University

Productivity(DEA, SFA, etc.)
Evaluation of Technology (Real Options, etc.)
Innovation Analysis on Consumers' Perspective
(Conjoint, Discrete Choice, etc.)

Hayoung Park
 Ph. D., Operations Research, Yale University

Quantitative analysis in decision making
Management of technology in healthcare
Healthcare financing and technology assessment
Management of healthcare services

Jina Kang
 Ph.D., The Anderson School, University of California, Los Angeles

Strategic Management
Technology & Innovation Management
Green Technology & Management
Entrepreurship & Hi-tech Industries
Service Management & Strategy

Name Affiliation Position

Hyen Young Yoon

Korea Communications Agency

Senior Researcher

Daeho Lee

Seoul National University

Research Professor

Jaechon Park

Inha University


Eungdo Kim

Seoul National University


Sunghyeon Kim

Technology Management Economics and Policy Program, SNU

Research Professor

Hoon Han



Dong Hee Shin

Interaction Science Department.


Seokwon Hwang

Korea Institue of S&T Evaluation and Planning

Senior Researcher

Yuri Park

Korea Information Society Development Institute

Senior Researcher