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GSDV International Symposia 2017
no.541 | itemep | 2017-10-24 15:08:53
International IT Policy Program(ITPP), SNU is hosting an annual international event from Nov. 8-12. We would like to invite you to Global ICT Seoul Forum 2017 and GSDV International Symposia 2017 which will be held on Nov. 8th and 9th during this event. Everyone interested is welcome to attend. The details are as follows; ○ The International Symposia on Green, Smart, Development and Vision (GSDV) 2017 - Date Time : Nov 9.(Thur.) 9:30~18:00 - Venue : SNU Faculty Club 2F (Bldg. 65) - Language : English - ○ Global ICT Seoul Forum 2017 - Date Time : Nov 8.(Wed.) 9:30~18:00 - Venue : SNU Hoam Faculty House 2F - Language : English ○ World Innovation Network of IT 2017 - Date Time : Nov.10.~ 12, 9:30~18:00 - Venue : Bestwestern Hotel, Jeju - Language : English ※ RSVP : (+82-2-880-9141, KwiYeong Kwon) I hope you have an opportunity to expand your network of people on this day. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Sincerely, ※ GSDV is an international conference, hosted by the International IT Policy Program (ITPP) of Graduate School of Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program , Seoul National University. The 7th GSDV is composed of presentation of a number of international academic papers based on research topics such as media, communication and innovation, and various international project proposals based on solving socio-cultural problems based on ICT technology. The participants are about 200 foreigners, including doctoral and master track students, government officials and public sector researchers who are involved in ICT, Science and Technology and Education.
SNU ITPP Scholarship for Fall 2018
no.540 | itemep | 2017-08-25 09:10:19
International IT Policy Program College of Engineering, Seoul National University Republic of Korea □ Program Overview • International IT Policy Program (ITPP) is an international scholarship and education program within the Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program (TEMEP) at the college of Engineering of Seoul National University. • International IT Policy Program (ITPP) offers a Master’s/Ph.D. degree of Seoul National University. □ Qualifications • IT related government officials or qualified researchers at National Research Centers working in the IT related fields. • IT related researchers with work experiences with Korean entities (Korean agencies, companies) are preferred. • A bachelor’s degree (for a master applicant), a master’s degree (for a PhD applicant). □ Scholarship The successful applicants will enroll the 2018 Fall semester (from September) according to SNU academic year and regular scholarship will be granted as followed with starting the regular course. • Tuition fees (Master: up to 2 years/ Ph.D.: up to 3years) • One-way Airfare (actual amount up to 1,500,000 KRW) • Living cost: 1,500,000 KRW/month ( GPA / semester should be above 3.0) • Settlement Fund: 200,000 KRW • Medical insurance • Korean language Program □ Admissions Time line Ÿ E-mail Application : All year round If you decide to apply, please send Form 1 2 via e-mail in advance. And then please send all documents by air. Email Address : Ÿ Final date of admission : Feb. 9, 2018 Ÿ Interview: April, 2018 (TBA) Ÿ Announcement of Admissions Decision: June, 2018 Ÿ Acceptance Registration: Sep. 2018 (TBA) * The schedule dates above are subject to change. Please make sure to check for any changes announced by ITPP office.
Festival Scctor 3.0
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Korean Language Program
no.538 | itemep | 2017-06-01 15:08:05
1. Academic Schedule - 2017 Session Course duration Application deadline Notification of acceptance (e-mail) Placement test Spring Mar 6 – May 11 Feb 3(Fri) Feb 10(Fri) Feb 28(Tue) Summer Jun 5 – Aug 10 May 5(Fri) May 12(Fri) May 31(Wed) Fall Sep 4 – Nov 16 Aug 4(Fri) Aug 11(Fri) Aug 30(Wed) Winter Dec 4 – Feb 8 Nov 3(Fri) Nov 10(Fri) Nov 29(Wed) 2. Course Description ① Each session consists of 10 weeks, the total of 60 hours of classes. ② Students meet on Mondays and Thursdays, for three hours from 6:30 PM to 9:20 PM. ③ Each class consists of approximately 12 students. ④ Active Korean Level 1-4, developed by SNU LEI, are used as textbooks in the beginner and intermediate classes, and the course materials for regular program are used in the advanced classes. Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 18:30 - 19:20 19:30 - 20:20 20:30 - 21:20