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IEPP Brochure
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"2014 International Energy Policy Program"Brochure
2012 IEPP
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2012 International Energy Policy Program Brochure.
2011 ITEMEP Newsletter
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I am pleased to introduce you to International Energy Policy Program (IEPP). IEPP is an international scholarship andeducation program within the Technology Management Economics and Policy Program (TEMEP) at the College ofEngineering of Seoul National University.Energy industry is playing an important role in a nation's economy and holds great potential for development andprosperity. Korea government feels a strong need to promote the Energy policy environment as the Bridge throughout thedeveloping countries and to train and develop professionals of the Energy industry worldwide.Therefore, the Korean government has organized an International Energy Policy Program which offers a Master or of Seoul National University in Technology Management Economics and Policy Program (TEMEP). The program isopened to the government officials or the professionals in Energy business fields worldwide. For this program, SeoulNational University, the most prestigious university in Korea, is providing a high quality education with its excellent facultymembers.IEPP is sponsored by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea and SNU as an international cooperation and educationprogram of Energy Policy in order to build a strong Energy Policy network by globalization. Currently IEPP organizeseducation programs and international cooperation activities for Energy professionals and government officials concerningpolicies of the world.I invite you to join us at IEPP to go beyond your limitation, and to be a part of IEPP legacy. I look forward to welcoming youto our University and assisting you along this path.Professor Eunnyeong HeoDirector of the International Energy Policy ProgramSeoul National University