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TEMEP Practice Workshop (June 19th)
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TEMEP Practice class held a workshop at 37-310 from 10 am to 5 pm on Thursday, June 19th.

All class participants of the course "Practice on TEMEP" presented their project proposals during the workshop. The workshop was a good opportunity for students and panelists to listen and provide feedback to what students were presenting as the viable proposals, for which a panel of experts also provided their feedback.

Four participants are chosen to be supported research funds for their proposal development fees.
Congratulations to those who are on the list!

The panelists who participated the whole workshop and judged the proposals are:
1. Prof. Hwang Jun Seok (SNU)
2. Prof. Yoon Hyun Young (SNU)
3. Dr. Shisir Manandhar (SNU)
4. Ms. Chang Young Min (City-Net)
5. Ms. Kim Sho Mi (British Counsil)
6. Ms. Kim Mi Jeong (Yong Consulting)
7. Mr. Jo Seong Won (Posco ICT)
8. Mr. Oh Kang Tak (National Information Agency)